Working Papers

Duncan Simester, Artem Timoshenko, and Spyros I. Zoumpoulis (2016), “Customizing Marketing Decisions Using Field Experiments,” Revise and Resubmit, Management Science 

Artem Timoshenko and John R. Hauser (2017), “Identifying Customer Needs from User-Generated Content,” Under Review, Marketing Science 

Work In Progress

 “Using Responders to Target Non-Responders,” with Theodoros Evgeniou, Duncan Simester, and Spyros I. Zoumpoulis

 “Efficiently Evaluating Targeting Policies Using Field Experiments,” with Duncan Simester and Spyros I. Zoumpoulis

Papers in Proceedings

Artem Timoshenko and John R. Hauser (2016), “Mining and Organizing User-Generated Content to Identify Attributes and Attribute Levels,” forthcoming, Proceedings of the Sawtooth Software Conference, Park City, Utah, September 28-30, 2016